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Get to Know Shaun Krause

What is your role at H5 Data Centers?

My role at H5 Data Centers is a Senior Data Center Infrastructure Engineer. I assist on a variety of projects within the datacenter, from installing additional fiber/coper infrastructure to setting up new compute/network/storage systems. I also act as an escalation point for our on shift technicians, assisting them with more challenging issues that our customers may need assistance with.

What do you enjoy most about working with H5?

I enjoy the challenge and the people I work with most. The new challenges that present themselves on a daily or weekly basis make the job exceedingly fun. Nothing to me is more rewarding than knowing we have exceeded someone's expectations on a special project or brought their timeline in to accomplish the goal. We have a very tight knit team here in Quincy, the majority of us have been here almost 10 years and we are very team focused. My co-workers are one of the major reasons I enjoy my job. They make this a really fun place to work.

Do you have any unique experiences prior to working in the data center field?

Aside from working my first two jobs at the Seattle Times newspaper and McDonalds, I have been in the IT Industry for the last 19 years. My experience in IT started at a White-Box computer manufacturer called Merit Distributing. Over an 18 month period, I worked my way from Shipping & Receiving up to PC Production, and then to the Service Department. I was then offered the opportunity to work for one of their customers doing onsite technical repair for 140+ business in the Seattle Area. I was only in that role for about 6 months before one of their customers, an Automation Software Developer hired me to be their System Administrator. I spent 5 years with them before the company was purchased by another Software Manufacturer. Afterward, I went to DirecTV for about 3 months and then began my Data Center career at Microsoft. I have been in the Data Center Industry for the last 12 years and really enjoy it!

If you could star in any sci-fi movie, which one would it be and why?

This is a tough question for me, I really enjoy Science Fiction and have library of 150+ audiobooks which are mostly Science Fiction. If I could star in a movie and had to pick only one, it would probably be one called "Off to the Wizard". The book is about a guy who finds a "file" after hacking into a telecom providers mainframe and makes a change to that file and it has a real-world impact for him. It is a hilarious journey through some of the mistakes that he makes, and then winds up in England back in the dark ages to become a Wizard.

Your prediction for this year's Super Bowl?

Since the Seahawks are not looking too hot this year, I'll have to go with the Rams & The Chiefs. In my opinion, anything is better than seeing the Patriots in another Super Bowl.