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Carrier List

H5 Data Centers allows access to scores of carriers and networks throughout the country. Colocation customers have the option to peer privately with said carrier via a physical cross connection or often have the ability to peer with such carrier over a public Internet exchange. Reduce interconnection costs, minimize latency and simplify your best-in-class network.

The below list of networks is not necessarily complete due to the confidentiality of some of our carriers, for a complete list please contact us.


Archeo Futurus Lumen Cogent Comcast Cloudflare Commnet Fasttrack Hurricane Electric Energy Science Network Ezee Fiber Kit Carson Lobo Internet Plateautel Mammoth Networks Forethought Networks Mescalaro Apache Telecom Navajo Tribunal Athority Public Service Company of New Mexico Sacred Wind Communications Vexus Fiber unite private networks Verizon Windstream Zayo


365 Data Centers ATT Lumen Cogent Crown Castle Fiber Light Uniti Verizon Windstream Zayo


ATT Lumen Comcast Crown Castle Fiber Light Hurricane Electric Lit Networks Southern Telecom Verizon Windstream Zayo

Cincinnati I

ATT Lumen Inteliquent Verizon Windstream Zayo

Cincinnati II

Lumen Cincinnati Bell Zayo


Archeo Futurus ATT Lumen Arelion Charter Communications Cogent Crown Castle Everstream Fairlawngig Hurricane Electric Integrated Network Concepts J2 Technologies Momentum telecom US Signal Verizon wrc fiber Windstream Zayo


ATT Lumen Cogent Comcast Forethought Networks Hurricane Electric Nexeon Technologies unite private networks Verizon Waddell Solutions Group Zayo


Arvig ATT Comcast Cogent Lumen Mibura Verizon Zayo


ATT Cogent Comcast Crown Castle Nashville Electric Netaryx Sky Net 360 Ideal Integrations iRis Networks Lumen Megaport Verizon Weigel Broadcasting Zayo

New Jersey

Altice ATT Comcast Cogent Diad Networks Extenet Systems Interserver Megaport Cablevision Lightpath Lumen Verizon Zayo Zenfi

New York

365 Data Centers Astound Big Network Cleareon Cogent Crown Castle de-cix Earthcam Earthlink Epsilon Telecom essensys everest broadband Extenet Systems Gigstreem Firstlight Fiber Honest Networks Lightpath Fiber Momentum telecom Nexgen Networks ocg fiber pch  net pilot fiber Verizon sohonet starry internet Stealth Communications Xchange Telecom Zayo Zenfi


ATT Cogent Comcast Crown Castle Ideal Integrations Lumen Megaport Plum Voice Hammer Fiber Mibura Subscriber Networks Verizon Vodalink Zayo


Lumen Cogent Cox Firefly Networks Hurricane Electric SRP Phoenix Zayo


ATT Cogent Comcast Consolidated Communications Crown Castle DQE Communications Ideal Integrations Lumen Lumos Networks Megaport Mibura Subscriber Networks Verizon


ATT Cogent Arctic Fox Networks Comcast Lumen Megaport NWAX - Northwest Access Exchange Verizon Vodalink Zayo


Astound ATT Archeo Futurus Lumen Frontier Hurricane Electric Intermountain Infrastructure Group Noanet T-Mobile Verizon Zayo Ziply

San Antonio

Alamo Broadband Absolute Voice Absolute Voice Astound Arelion ATT Bestel ccnbi Lumen Clear Wireless Cogent Conterra Commzoom cpsenergy Crown Castle FD-IX Fiber Light flo networks Foremost Technologies Gigabit Communications Guadalupe Valley Telecommunications Cooperative (GVTC) Clear Wireless Hurricane Electric intrado Last Mile Networks Logix Fiber Networks marcatel Nexstream rNetworks Spectrum Syringa TISD TPX tri-states network.jpg United Fiber and Data unite private -networks Verizon vtx1 Windstream Wytec Zayo Ziplink


Archeo Futurus ATT ArelionArctic Fox Networks Astound BT Americas Lumen Cogent Nexeon Technologies Hurricane Electric Syringa seattleix Verizon Verizon Windstream Zayo

St. Louis

American Cable Products ATT Charter Communications Cogent Everstream Ideal Integrations Lumen Megaport Verizon


Cox Summit IG Ting Verizon Zayo