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Remote Hands Services

Remote and Smart Hands Services can increase uptime and reduce the costs to deploy infrastructure in remote locations.

What are remote hands?

Remote hands are a series of on-site, physical IT management and maintenance services provided by data center and colocation providers for an additional fee.

H5 Data Centers offers remote hands services as part of its standard colocation service offering. Our trained technicians are available 24x7 to be a physical extension of your organization to deploy, maintain, troubleshoot, and turndown your infrastructure.

Save a trip to the data center and order remote hands via our customer portal, AccessH5. There, our trained professional staff will help manage the remote hands ticket through to completion and to your satisfaction. Our incident management team will respond to your inquiry within 15 minutes of request and work can be requested immediately or scheduled at a future point in time that works with your operational requirements.

H5 Data Centers offers several types of remote hands plans; choose the one that best fits your operational requirements.

A La Carte - Order remote hands only when required. Available 24x7 and billable in as little as 15-minute increments.

Monthly Block - Commit to a block of remote hands time per month and enjoy lower hourly rates.

All-You-Can-Eat - Enjoy H5 Data Centers' remote hands services for a fixed monthly charge without worrying about the number of hours required.

Our remote or smart hands services include items such as:
  • Power cycling (turning on and off) equipment
  • Switching a toggle or setting a dipswitch
  • Deploying organized fiber, coax, or copper cable infrastructure for future cross connections or for intra-connecting customer infrastructure
  • Ladder rack and fiber tray deployment
  • Observing, describing or reporting on indicators or display information on hardware or consoles' including providing reasonable visual feedback to Customer
  • Basic observation and reporting on the environment of the customer's space
  • Labeling and/or re-labeling equipment
  • Running single, built-in or external diagnostics equipment
  • Typing exact customer-provided commands on a keyboard
  • Removal or replacement of customer-provided hot-swappable devices or power supply, where the Customer provides the specific and detailed procedures
  • Swapping servers, cards, or server components
  • Device decommissions and secure media disposal
  • Server and network troubleshooting
  • Server imaging
  • Physical infrastructure design
  • Installing blanking panels
  • Vendor support and coordination
  • Inventory reporting
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