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H5 Data Centers All Stars

Get to Know Kyle Moore

I am H5 Data Centers' Director of Compliance and Program Management.


Get to Know Lonnie Claycamp

I am a Lead Building Engineer at the Denver data center.


Get to Know Lance Walker

I am the Facility Manager for H5's downtown San Antonio carrier hotel/edge data center. The site encompasses over 85,000 sq ft and features direct access to the key Texan metro and long haul network providers.


Get to Know Nicole Hable

I am the Lead Security Officer for Cleveland. I manage the physical security team, security systems, security installs, and support the team as needed.


Get to Know Hattie McCoy

I am the Marketing Coordinator at H5 Data Centers. I am based out of our Denver Headquarters and I help assist with a variety of marketing responsibilities. Everything at H5 Data Centers is multifaceted and versatile, I like to think I am no exception.


Get to Know Nick Dubois

I am the site manager for the downtown Seattle Edge Datacenter and the property manager and lead facility engineer for the 1000 Denny Way Building. As the only H5 operations employee in Seattle I take care of all aspects of the datacenter and 300,000 sq. ft. property.


Get to Know Shaun Krause

My role at H5 Data Centers is a Senior Data Center Infrastructure Engineer. I assist on a variety of projects within the data center, from installing additional fiber/coper infrastructure to setting up new compute/network/storage systems. I also act as an escalation point for our on shift technicians, assisting them with more challenging issues that our customers may need assistance with.