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Get to Know Nicole Hable

What's your role at H5 Data Centers?

I am the Lead Security Officer for Cleveland. I manage the physical security team, security systems, security installs, and support the team as needed

What do you enjoy most about working with H5?

I enjoy the Diversity that H5 harbors. In Cleveland, we have so many different types of clients and I get to interact with a lot of people from different walks of life.

Do you have any unique experiences before working in the data center field?

Prior to H5, I was #2 in the Security Department at the downtown Cleveland Casino! I worked with MANY agencies-local police, state police, and government officials, big-name casinos in Las Vegas. Before that, I spent 10 years in a wide spectrum of restaurants!

If you could go back in time to any decade which would it be and why?

If I could go back in time, I would go back to the 1950s. 50s fashion. Drive in Movies. Elvis Presley. Queen Elizabeth II takes the thrown.

Where is your next vacation or where would you like to travel?

No vacations planned right now but when Ellie (pictured) is big enough, we will go back to Disney World!

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