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Data Center Sale-Leaseback Structures

What Is a Data Center Sale-Leaseback?

A data center sale-leaseback is when the owner and end-user of a data center simultaneously sells its facility to another entity and leases back the requisite amount of data center space from the new owner. A data center sale-leaseback transaction can result in a lease for 10, 20, 50 or even 100% of the facility.

The result of a well-executed data center sale-leaseback is a tenant with a cash infusion who leases exactly what they need and on terms upon which they are comfortable. Tenants are then removed from real estate ownership responsibilities and relinquish space that was either not used or severely underutilized. A new owner then comes in with a fresh perspective on the valuation or direction of the site.

H5 Data Centers Is Actively Looking for Data Center Sale-Leaseback Opportunities

H5 Data Centers is a provider of wholesale data center services to international carriers, colocation and cloud service providers, and large enterprise customers. We have the access to capital, expertise and focus to successfully negotiate a "win-win" data center sale-leaseback with future customers.

If you have a data center asset that you may consider for a sale-leaseback, please contact an H5 Data Centers' expert as soon as possible. We are on the lookout for ways to expand our portfolio into new US markets and beyond.

Benefits of Data Center Sale-Leaseback

A data center sale-leaseback is an excellent way for companies with strong data center assets to reallocate capital from real estate assets to core business operations or to investors. In most cases, the long-term leases executed between H5 Data Centers and the customer can be customized in a way that reduces any risks associated with not owning or controlling the real estate. This enables a real win-win scenario: a desirable data center asset to H5 Data Centers, significant capital to the future customer without negatively affecting their data center operations. Even better if the future customer's assets are being underutilized.

Experienced Data Center Sale-Leaseback Executives

H5 Data Centers' team of experienced data center sale-leaseback experts can help ensure that the transaction is executed in a timely, discreet and professional manner. At H5 Data Centers, we aim to be fair, transparent and equitable to support a lasting mission-critical relationship.

Use Cases

  • Strategic transition away from real estate in a low interest rate environment
  • Desire to monetize fixed assets
  • Underutilized data center assets
  • Increased focus on core competencies
  • Strategic IT shift to use more 'cloud-based' applications
  • Desire to reduce company-managed IT and real estate headcount
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