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Wholesale Data Centers

H5 Data Centers' Wholesale Data Center Solutions Can Address the Needs of Large Enterprises and Cloud Service Providers

What are wholesale data centers?
A wholesale data center refers to a relatively large data center where the provider only wishes to lease large blocks of space and power, typically defined private suites or large cages, to its customers. It does not refer to leasing space only to 'colocation retailers' or companies that specialize in leasing smaller amounts of space. Very often, large enterprises choose to lease wholesale data centers instead of building their own data center. The wholesale data center provider may or may not manage the mechanical or electrical systems on behalf of the customer.

While there is no industry or market standard for what power and associated space capacity constitutes a wholesale data center, most minimum power commitments range from 300 kW to more than 10 Megawatts depending on the data center design and end user demand.

The responsibilities to manage and maintain a wholesale data center can be the responsibility of the data center provider or by the end user.

H5 Data Centers Wholesale Data Center Offering

Our wholesale data center offering constitutes turn-key space that is move-in ready with UPS-backed power and cooling infrastructure designed to meet the most demanding server power densities in the industry. H5 Data Centers' wholesale data centers also include 24x7 security, dual authentication devices, mantraps, and surveillance cameras to meet the most stringent compliance requirements.

Companies such as international carriers, colocation and cloud service providers, and large enterprises choose wholesale data centers for dedicated infrastructure, operational control and design flexibility. Most retail colocation offerings mandate the use of existing layouts designed to benefit the average data center deployment. Examples of H5 Data Centers wholesale services include:

  • Build-to-Suit data centers
  • Powered Shell data centers
  • Private, wholesale colocation suites and cages

Wholesale Data Center Pricing

H5 Data Centers prices wholesale data center space and service differently depending on the desired market and mechanical and electrical design. Please contact an H5 Data Centers' expert for more information.

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