H5 Data Centers' Quincy Data Center Campus is the Lowest TCO Location in the United States

H5 Data Centers' Quincy data center campus includes a 240,000 square-foot purpose-built, Tier III facility designed to provide industry-leading redundancy and power density. The data center campus is located at 1711 M Street NE in Quincy, Washington - roughly equidistant between Seattle and Spokane, Washington. Currently, a 240,000 square-foot data center is built and plans call for up to a total of 480,000 square feet to be built on-site. Acquired as a sale-leaseback transaction from a Fortune 500 company that designed the data center from the ground-up, the Quincy data center is built and staffed to meet the mission critical needs of leading technology and Fortune 500 companies.

The Quincy data center is designed to enable scalable and modular growth of IT requirements. Easily deploy cabinets and IT architecture in a consistent, repeatable fashion at H5 Data Centers' Quincy data center. Since being built from the ground-up, the Quincy data center boasts a 100% uptime track record.

Join other major enterprises such as Boeing, Microsoft, NTT Data Services, Oath (Yahoo), and Yahoo Japan in selecting Central Washington as your IT infrastructure home!

Unique aspects of the Quincy data center include:


Grant County PUD provides the Quincy data center with utility power to support a designed load of up to 40 critical MW. The utility controls two nearby dams that have the capacity to generate more than one gigawatt of capacity and offers some of the lowest power costs in the world at less than $0.03/kWh. All electrical and mechanical systems are meticulously maintained by H5 Data Centers' 24x7 on-site Quincy engineering team.

H5 Data Centers' data center can deliver N or 2N redundancy to its customers with an energy-efficient chilled water cooling system with a flat-plate heat exchanger. The Quincy data center offers a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.35, ensuring optimal energy utilization and reduced waste.

Electrical and mechanical highlights include:


The Quincy data center is highly-secure data center campus that offers 24x7 security staffing, mantraps with anti-tailgating technology, biometric and keycard access systems, and digital security cameras.

The Quincy data center offers the following security benefits:


H5 Data Centers' Quincy data center offers carrier-neutral data center services, providing customers with access to a variety of regional, national and international telecommunications carriers and fiber providers. With its carrier partners, H5 Data Centers serves a growing community of enterprises, content delivery networks (CDNs) and cloud service providers seeking to improve their mission critical operations. Quincy can offer low latency connections to Seattle, the Bay Area and Asia.

Highlights of H5 Data Centers' Quincy network-neutral data center include:
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Quincy is one of the largest hyperscale data center locations in the United States due to its safe geographic risk-management profile, rural Washington sales tax incentives and its world-leading low cost of electricity.

What makes the H5 Data Centers' Quincy campus so incredible is our amazing team. With a combined on-site experience of more than 130 years and no downtime for nearly 10 years, few other data centers can boast such a track record. H5 Data Centers has a team of more than 20 people that are experts in data center management and operations, security, and uptime. H5 Data Centers Quincy conducts annual Type II SOC 2 examinations, ISO 27001 certifications, and PCI-DSS compliance.

Our dedicated on-site remote hands team can assist in performing complex deployments, hardware refreshes, and troubleshooting 24x7. H5 Data Centers' customers need not visit the data center, merely ship your equipment and work with our world-class team! Customers at the Quincy data center can qualify for 100% Washington-state sales tax abatement.

H5 Data Centers' Quincy data center product offering includes